RoboGör aims to take an active part in TEYDEB supported industrial projects, TUBITAK 1003, 1007 projects and European Union H2020 projects in addition to the projects it has undertaken in line with the requests coming from different sectors. Several selected projects carried out are presented as follows.

● "Design and Development of Vision and Artificial Intelligence Based Landing System for Rotary Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles", KOSGEB, Project Nr. 659736, 2020-current

● "Remotely Trackable Smart Electronic Seal", TUBITAK TEYDEB 1507, Project Nr. 7191078, 2020-current

● "Development of Watershed Information System", TUBITAK 1003, Project Nr. 115Y008, 2016-2019

● "National Wind Energy Systems Project: Design, Development and Prototype Testing of Novel Turbine Systems", Agency: Energy Ministry of Turkey and TUBITAK 1007, Project Nr. 110G010, 2011-2013

● "Mechanical Design, Prototyping and Flight Control of an Unmanned Autonomous Aerial Vehicle", Agency: TUBITAK-107M179, 2007-2010

● "2D / 3D Image Mosaics": Obtaining 2D and 3D (2D / 3D) mosaic images from aircraft images are extremely important in terms of creating situational awareness in the geographic region. In this project, image registration and image stitching algorithms are used to stitch the images together without any loss of information and thus to obtain panoramic mosaic images in real time. It is aimed to use machine-based approaches for real-time 3D topographic mosaics. Technopark approved and classified project.

● "Development of Signal Processing Algorithms for Multi-Channel Energy Analyzer" In the project proposed with the motivation that there is not a multi-channel device that performs both measurement and analysis of electricity energy in the electricity generation and distribution sector in our country, it is necessary to measure both energy values of feeders and energy values with a single device. It is aimed to produce a product which enables measurement and recording of data related to quality and continuity by using different signal processing algorithms such as FFT and wavelet transform. Agency: TUBITAK TEYDEB 1501 with Entes Electronics Co.

● Gateway Device Design and Prototype Production for Internet of Things: The device that will be the outcome of the project will collect the sensor data packets from the transmitting modules in the field, send them to the server via wired or wireless network and display the data coming from the devices in the field through an appropriate interface.

In project scope:
o The gateway device will be designed with its constituting software and hardware.
o The communication protocol (MQTT) will be adapted to the server as software.
o The gateway device circuit (PCB) will be designed as hardware.
o On-site slave modules for the wireless gateway version will be designed as software and hardware.

● Servo-Mechanical Spark Plug Assembly Line Design and Pilot Application: There are many gas cooker and heater manufacturers in the country, Europe and Middle East. For this product range, the ignition system consisting of the ignition switch, the ignition transformer and the spark plug are among the most important components. In the manufacture of the spark plug, the welding process of the spark plug pin and spark plug terminal is the most challenging task. As the output of the proposed project, this challenging task will be aligned with full automation, reliable level of quality control will be provided and an automatic spark plug and terminal driving assembly line will be obtained with the automation equipped machine and production method to be designed and produced.

The spark plug is used by many manufacturers and is often supplied from abroad. In order to introduce the spark plug to the market at a competitive cost and high quality, the manufactured product must be error free, free from labor costs and uniform. Therefore; project output will be able to meet the needs of our country in this field. It will help to reduce the costs of both the company in which the project is managed and the companies producing in the related sector economically. As RoboGör, consultancy-based services will be provided in determining, developing and achieving the project objectives. Agency: TUBITAK TEYDEB 1501 with Mamur Technologies Co.