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RoboGör — Robotics & Vision Technologies

RoboGör is an R&D company aiming to provide innovative solutions for different sectors by using robot and vision technologies effectively. The company integrates machine vision techniques with robotic systems to design and manufacture intelligent mechatronic systems and provides R&D consultancy support.

The company's activities range from the defense industry to the world of health and medicine, from automotive to agriculture and environmental applications. More specifically, embedded software and hardware based mechatronic products, mathematical modeling, system identification and simulation, optimization, design and implementation of control systems, industrial automation (PLC and SCADA applications), mobile robot applications, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), visual control and automation applications, image processing and analysis, visual monitoring and surveillance, image mosaicing, 3D model building, activity detection and recognition, flexible, durable and intelligent solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning methods.

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We mainly work in motion control, robotics, computer vision, machine learning, electronic design, software and system development.