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What is Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG)?

Optical fibers are flexible, lightweight and transparent structures made by glass or plastic to a diameter slightly thicker than that of a human hair. The structure of a specific region within glass fibers (typically a few millimeters in physical length) is modified by different methods to form a periodic gratings pattern in the fiber core. This created grating structure is called fiber Bragg grating.

FBG Sensor Technology

Fiber Bragg gratings reflect particular wavelength (center wavelength) of light and transmit all others. Corresponding measurable parameters (e.g temperature, strain, humidity, pressure and etc.) causes changing in the physical length of the optical fiber and so causing the grating space to narrow or expand. Eventually, wavelength of the reflected light shifts to a greater or lower value that allows one to measure various physical and / or chemical parameters. With the FBG sensors in the same fiber, more than one effect can be measured at the same time.

Fields Application

  • Structures: It provides cost effective solutions when applied to large scale structures such as Oil Platforms, Bridges, Mines, Dams, Tunnels.
  • Energy: FBGs can be safely used in various energy fields such as Wind Turbines, Oil Wells, Pipelines, Nuclear Reactors and Generators. The reason is that FBGs are immune to electromagnetic fields and high radio frequency consisting fields.
  • Wind Turbines: It provides the structural health monitoring of the propellers, instant control and observation of the operating status.
  • Transportation: It is used for structural health monitoring in highways, bridges and tunnels to determine when maintenance is compulsory.
  • Navigate: FBG sensors in submarines and ships used for structural health, load and fatigue behavior monitoring at specific points in the structure.
  • Laboratory Tests and Measurements: FBG sensors can be used in laboratory environments safely where various physical parameters are measured, espically in the mechanical testing stage for the following purposes.
  • Safety and Security: It uses around the police station and at the border lines by placing them on the security wires.
  • Medical: Medical robotic arm, patient status tracking devices


  • Measurements can be performed over long distances (in the range of km) without loss of data
  • Easy to install
  • Provides high sensitivity and precise measurement opportunity
  • Thanks to its small size, flexibility and lightness, it can be embedded in different structures
  • It is immune to and hence not affected by electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI and RFI). It provides information security and can be easily used in high magnetic field environments
  • Different parameters such like temperature, strain can be sensed all in one or individually
  • Measurements can be performed from different points with more than one FBG along the same fiber line
  • It is a passive circuit element. It does not require a power supply

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